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Welcome to the OntoMetrics-Wiki!

Within this Wiki are general information regarding metrics available, which are used on Ontologies .

To use these metrics on your Ontology, you can use OntoMetrics.

OntoMetrics is a web-based tool that validates and displays statistics about a given ontology.

You can simply upload your ontology source saved as an *.RDF or *.OWL file or enter a URL of a document or paste text from your clipboard into a textarea.

The main metrics we used are explained in

Base Metrics
Class Axioms
Object Property Axioms
Data Property Axioms
Individual Axioms
Annotation Axioms
Schema Metrics
Knowledgebase Metrics
Class Metrics
Graph Metrics

This Wiki is created by Michael Poppe, Martin Lichtwark & Julian Heckmann and is managed/administrated by the Department of Business Information Systems of the University of Rostock.